Australia's Beauty At Your Finger Tips!

From the East to the West
  • Australia is a beautiful country from the east to the west.  There are so many wonderful attractions that are ready to be explored.


  • Many people from all over the world come to  Australia, to work or just enjoy it.  Whether it is the red dirt from the west or the beaches from the east or somewhere inbetween. 


  • We will gladly assit you in finding an attraction to enjoy.  Australia out west, north, south and east has exotic landforms ready to be discovered by travellers and locals and we are here to guide your trip to Australia and provide some information.




Come, from any part of the world, to see Australia's charming culture and exotic scenery.

Things to do in Australia 

Hot Air Balloons

 Things to do and see in Australia:

    • Take a ride in a hot air balloon, in the Northern Territory and experience the amazing views.
    • Go to the Crocosaurus Cove and get up close to the salt-water crocodiles and reptiles of Australia; located in the center of Darwin.
    • Visit the Chill On Ice Lounge and Ski Lodge and see the amazing carved ice.
    • Have fun with the family and see an endangered devil at Devils@Cradle, Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary; located in Tasmania.
    • Go on a Aquality Cruise around NSW rivers and be inspired by the beauty of our waters.
    • Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and see the breathtaking wildlife.
    • See the astounding Paronella Park and enjoy the exotic old castle; located in Queensland.
    • Go and see the phenomenal Uluru, located in the Northern Territory.    

 The climate in Australia is quite humid, but can be very cold in winter, in some places.  In central Australia it can be quite dry and hot.



The capital of Australia, Canberra, is 10+ hours infront of the Coordinated Universal Time.

If you look at the link called time zone differences you can see the differences in time between your country and Australia's time. 

Say that it is 5:30 pm in Beijing, China, it would then be 7:30 pm in Canberra, Australia.  China is 2 (two) hours behind Canberra, Australia time.  - Canberra, Australia... current time.

Flights to Australia 

 To book a flight to australia click on the link below to pick your country from around the world, which after choosing it will direct you to a page where you can then book your flights or you can click on the link that says Qantas Homepage for further deatails and information. The bookings are for domestic and international flights.

Qantas Homepage 


MKN Travel Australia want to help make booking your accommodation as easy as possible. All you have to do is click on the link below that will redirect you to About Australia where you can book your accommodation anywhere around Australia. Choose from apartments, hotels, retreats and more!

Car and Transportation 

To be able to drive yourself around Australia and visit what we have to offer your going to need your own source of transportation.  If you click on the link it will take you to their site where you can book your own car. All you need to do is fill in the information, pick your car and pay the amount when you pick up the car!




We hope our website will be helpful  to make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Australia, enjoying all the wondeful sites. This is our home, and we want you to feel at home too!


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