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Wave Rock

  • Wave rock is an over hanging  ocean wave shaped rock that is 15 metres high and 110 metres long.
  • Wave rock is formed out of granite, which is an igneous rock, that is
  • It is said to be over 27 million years old
  • The granite rock is striped in billiant colours of yellow, red, orange, brown and grey, which were made from the rain washing chemicals down the rock.



Formation of Wave Rock

It has been said that wave rock was formed around 2700 millions years ago.

The round shape of wave rock was formed by weathering and water erosion that undercut the base and left the shape of a wave,

The wave shape of the rock was also formed by  erosion to the softer rock, over many centuries.

The stripes of colours down the surface of the formation was created by rain washing chemicals down the face of the rcoks.

Now the rock helps collect rain water for Haydens town water supply.A foot high concrete wall around the upper edge of Hayden rock directing rainfall into a storage dam.




Wave rock is located Hayden, a small town just 350kilometres east of Perth, WA.

Lattitude and lagittude of Wave rock:

  32°26'038.4"S and 118°53'052.8"E

 The latitude 32 degrees 26 minutes and 38.4 seconds south and the longitude 118 degrees 53 minutes and 52.8 seconds east.

Map of Australia with other Landforms  

Directions Wave Rock From Sydney 

 Wave Rock and the nearby small town of Hyden are about a four hour by road from Perth, or only one hour by air in the south west of Western Australia. It has a twice weekly public bus service, regular tourist coaches and a steady stream of self drive visitors on the sealed roads.

FROM PERTH'S NORTHERN SUBURBS:  A 4 hours drive Through the Jarrah Forest of the Darling Ranges to historic YORK (settled 1843) in the Wheatbelt, across the grazing farmlands and lake chains to Quairading (1900s)
FROM PERTH'S SOUTHERN SUBURBS:  A 31/4 hours drive starting along Albany highway through the Wheatbelt via BROOKTON·

Both routes then take you through Corrigin, the famous dog-in-a-ute town (1910s) - call in at the nearby dog cemetery; then to Wave Rock 3 kms east of the wheat/sheep farming town of Hyden (1920s).





Things To Do At/Near Wave Rock

There are many things that you can do at wave rock or at Hayden from adventure to shopping;

  • Walk the Rock Walks and the surrounding bushland.
  • Wander among birds and animals of the area in the Wildlife Park.
  • Visit the cave of Mulka, the Aboriginal outlaw, with his handprints roof.
  • Visit the Hippo’s yawn rock formation
  • Tour the salt lakes, rolling hills and wildflower sand plains.
  • Drive to the rabbit proof fence: the limit of settlement.
  • Relax in the evening with the locals at the Wave Rock Motel.
  • Sail, swim or canoe Lake Magic, next to the Resort just 1km from Wave Rock.
  • Visit the lace place at Hayden, supermarkets and specialty stores.
  • Take a farm tour or shop at the wildflower shoppe.

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