Diamonds...a girls best friend...

 Diamonds are a valuable natural resource in Australia.  They are used for many things, whether they are high quality or low quality.  Diamonds can often be mistaken for shiny stones when seen in their natural form, but when cleaned and cut accordingly, they are gorgeous.



  • Diamonds are a form of precious stone (gem stone), found in igneous rocks. 
  • Diamonds are the, mostly colourless, crystalline form of pure carbon.  Diamonds can be many colours, but are most famous for the clear, sparkly look.  They can also be blue, pink, yellow, green, red and purple; which is because the diamond has been exposed to a certain defect material. 
  • Diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle and are brought closer to the surface or on the surface, through volcanic eruptions.  The magma from the volcano cools and forms igneous rocks, which have diamonds in them.

Diamonds in Australia

  • Diamonds are a valuable natural resource in Australia.  They are used for many things, whether they are high quality or low quality.      
  • Diamonds can be used for medical, industrial, scientific or jewellery uses.  Diamonds can be shaped to form scalpels for delicate surgery, the lower quality diamonds can be used in industrial appliances such as a cutting tool.  Diamonds can also be used in jewellery.  Only the high quality diamonds are used in jewellery.
  • Each year Australia produces a huge amount of diamonds, export worth about 600-700 million dollars each year. 
  • Argyle Mine, in Australia, is the richest diamond deposit in the world, producing a range of different diamonds, including the rare pink diamond.



Operating Diamond Mines in Australia:

  • Argyle Diamond Mine: in the Kimberly region, Western Australia.  Argyle produces most of Australia's diamonds.
  • Ellendale Diamond Mine: in the north-east part of Western Australia. 
  • Merlin Diamond Mine: in the north-east part of the Northern Territory.

Australia's Diamond Production

  • Argyle diamond mine was discovered in 1979 and is the largest single diamond deposit in the world.

  • Australia supplies around 20% of the world's natural diamond production.  Argyle mine supplies the majority of Australia's diamonds.
  • Argyle mine is famous for producing the rare pink diamond, but are only 1% of the mines overall production.
  • Ellendale mine produces only a little of Australian's diamond production.
  • Ellendale produces the rare yellow diamond.
  • Australia has a diamond production of about 11.9 million carats each year.  =  1 carats= 0.2 grams
  • 65% of Merlin diamond mine's diamonds are gem quality.


  • Diamonds in Australia are very valuable to our society; diamonds are worth a lot of money and Australia benefits from that.  Australia export loads of diamonds, export worth about $600- $700 million each year
  • Diamonds also provide employment for people.  People can be employed at diamond mines, places where diamonds are produced into products, etc.  Diamonds can provide jobs for jewellery makers who use diamonds in their jewellery, as well as the people who cut and craft the diamonds into shapes.
  • Diamonds have a local use in Australia, being used for industrial appliances and jewellery. Diamond jewellery is sold all over Australia and is very popular and worth a lot of money per piece.


Other natural resources found in Australia 

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